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Industrial Domination, Worker Exploitation, and Union Suppression: How FDR Saved the United States from a Red Revolution


WHO: R.S. Sukle is the daughter of a coal miner and union organizer. She is a native of Russellton, Pa, the first town to face evictions during the 1927-28 coal mining strike, and now lives in Virginia. Inspired by her father’s life as a social activist, Sukle has spent a good part of her writing career delving into the study of labor history.

WHAT: Sukle’s new book, Blood on the Constitution shows how three administrations of one party government, dominated by big business, used their powers to suppress the union movement of industrial workers. Written to mirror her father’s life as a social activist and union organizer for the United Mine Workers, Blood on the Constitution reveals a shocking history censored into obscurity-- a story of civil rights abuses and horrific sacrifices by industrial slaves for a labor union.

If not for the rank and file who stood up against poor wages and employee treatment, we’d still have unsafe workplaces, twelve hour days, and short paychecks. Forget about social security, workman’s compensation, overtime pay benefits, or holidays.

WHEN: Ms. Sukle is available for interviews upon request. Her book is available for review.



·         Memories of father on the run for standing up for labor rights.

·         Educate and point out the perils/abuses of one-party rule.

·         The exploitation of immigrant workers by greedy companies looking for cheap labor – Does it still exist today?

·         The Roaring Twenties perceived as happy – majority of populace lived in poverty & serfdom.

·         The role of one-party government in the use of Patriot and Sedition Acts to persecute organized labor.

·         Stories of people whose lives were impacted by the coal strike.

·         Explain about the rise of the Communist Party among the most exploited and poorest sector of American Society

·         Tell how FDR enacted programs during the worst Depression years to forestall and prevent a Red Revolution in the United States of America.

·         Sound a warning about what can happen today in the US if a balance of power in and between the Congress, Senate, and Presidency are not restored.




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