Blood on the Constitution

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Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. -  George Santayana

1920’s America

Coal slaves revolt; industrial giants retaliate. Government officials, debased by greed, corruption, and power, set loose a hoard of thugs to run roughshod over the coalfields to bust the union. Given badges, guns, and authority, they are the law and above it. One optimistic tough guy, a fighter and dreamer, becomes the one shining hope of the people, a champion for a better tomorrow. Will he win by losing or lose by winning?

Facing great risk and overwhelming odds, Teddy Albert, endowed with an inordinate sense of justice, takes on Coal and Iron Police, covert company agents, corrupt union leaders, and even Mafia bosses to right each wrong, to wipe away each drop of blood on the Constitution.

This ably researched sequel to “Bucket of Blood the Ragman’s War” intertwines compelling characters with actual happenings.  It illuminates a shocking history, an era of oppression, brutality, and murder. The events censored into obscurity…until now.

Blood on the Constitution  by R. S. Sukle First Thee Chapters 


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