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Inspired by my father’s life as a social activist, I have spent a good part of my life delving into the study of labor history.  Along the way I have uncovered many dark secrets hidden in forgotten union archives, news articles, and the memories of an older but quickly disappearing generation. The story is based on real people, actual events, news articles, court cases, family letters, and personal interviews.

I am a graduate of Thiel College and the Medical Technology program at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation where I worked for several years in medical chemical research. True to my love of learning and investigation, I have completed a number of eclectic courses at various schools. My writing experience includes a children’s book about the immune system, news articles, op-ed articles, web page copy, press releases, producing the first real estate guide in our part of Virginia, and publicity for the Hungry Mother Arts and Crafts Festival and Appalachian Spirit Gallery. 

In recent years I have taken numerous classes in memoir, fiction, screenplay, and novel.  I have also appeared on radio, television, in a documentary, and been interviewed for feature articles by newspapers and magazines. My dramatic presentations, Wobbly World – the IWW Influence on Art, Music, Literature, and Sherwood Anderson and A Novel Approach to Weaving Fact into Fiction, have entertaining and educational.

My first novel, The Ragman’s War received good reviews and is used as a text book in a Pennsylvania high school with other schools expressing interest. 

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